The creation of printing technology is a complex, multi-disciplinary science. It is the continuing process of further extending the marriage of chemistry, physics, mechanical, and electrical engineering to address an ever greater range of applications that can be printed digitally that has us hooked on print.

For over 25 years I T Strategies, Inc. has been helping printing equipment and supplies manufacturers to develop products and markets for next generation digital printing technology. Through thousands of interviews with users of printing technology I T Strategies has shaped entire new printing market segments, ranging from 3D printing, ceramics ink jet printing, production ink jet printing, textile ink jet printing, to wide format graphics poster printing.

Behind the scenes, I T Strategies helps to source components used in the development of these printers and is often commissioned to provide confidential analysis on behalf of investors in the printing equipment and supplies industry.

As one of the industry’s renowned experts in digital print technologies, I T Strategies is often called upon to keynote and chair major industry conferences and events.

Printing equipment and supplies manufacturers and related companies commission I T Strategies on a custom, confidential basis both on single assignments and under retainer.


Our Team


Mark Hanley

President, I T Strategies
Mark Hanley founded I T Strategies in 1992 in Boston as a strategic consultancy specialized in industrial digital printing, inkjet technology and early market development practices. The company is based in Boston & Tokyo & operates on a private partnership basis. ITS is a confidential practice with no publishing function and is expert in technology and market analysis based on a wide factual knowledge base.

Marco headshot.jpg

Marco Boer

Vice President, I T Strategies
Marco Boer is recognized as a trusted consultant to the digital printing industry. He has a reputation for being able to put complex information and concepts into a context that is easily understood by his audience. With more than 25 years of experience in advising and guiding senior executives of Fortune 1000 and smaller innovative companies to successful business solutions in emerging digital printing markets, Mr. Boer has developed a deep understanding of ink jet printing technology and its applications.