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This month's Spectrum Summary:

The Power—and Value—of Software...
Equipment vendors look beyond the box


About the book:

Print Unchained: Fifty Years of Digital Printing
by Edward "Ted" Webster

Emerging Market & Industry Focus  

  Individual Markets
The Inkjet Opportunity in Rapid Prototyping...
Direct-To-Garment Inkjet Printers: Expanding the Decorated Garments Market...
UV Roll-to-Roll Inkjet Printers Potential Manufacturer Revenue of $564 Million by 2011...
Digital Textile Printer Revenue Forecast to Reach $6 Billion by 2010...
Inkjet Technology as a Manufacturing Process: Much Promise, but a Long Way Off...



Wide & Grand Format Digital Printing

Industrial Inkjet Heads

Plastic Electronics

Industrial Printing Opportunities for Digital Printing

Variable Data Direct Mail

Textile Industry Opportunities for Digital Printing

Industry Wide Trends

Add-on Software for MFPs

Graphic Arts Opportunities for Digital Printing Beyond On-Demand

Traditional Press Manufacturer Strategies for Digital Printing